What people say about your comedy set and what it really means

You’re looking for feedback from your open mic set at Harry’s Haven of Ha Has or wherever and ask a couple comics what they thought. Some comments may sound positive, but this may be what they really mean:

Good set — I was smoking in the alley and didn’t see you.

You’re a good joke writer — Your ability to tell a joke sucks.

You showed a lot of confidence — Your material was terrible.

That was really edgy — That was really inappropriate.

You really went there! — You said m*ther f*cker 27 times at a retirement home gig!

I can see that set killing on Netflix — I actually heard those jokes on Netflix.

Your jokes never get old — You have been doing the same 5 minutes for 10 years.

You have a lot of energy on stage — You were pacing around in circles.

Good to see you doing some crowd work — You were the seventh comic to ask everyone how they were doing.

Not bad — Your set was better than mine, dammit!

About the author

Creig Ewing is a comedian and show producer. He has put on hundreds of open mics, showcases and comedy shows in the Louisville area. He has hosted numerous shows and has featured at The Caravan Comedy Club in Louisville. He gets a lot of seemingly positive comments on his comedy.

Author: Creig Ewing

Writer, comic, cubicle dweller. Louisville Laughs

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