5 questions with Los Angeles comedian Pamela Walt

Pamela Walt is a comedian from Los Angeles, who will be in Louisville for a show at Aloft Louisville Downtown.

Pamela has toured across the country, including a pre-pandemic tour with comedian and writer Lisa Curry.

Pamela will close out the Thursday Comedy Showcase on June 24 at 7:30 p.m. Other comics on the show include Andrew Rudick of Cincinnati and Kyle Kemper of Dayton, Ohio.

Tickets to the show are free and are available here.

Pamela recently took the time to answer 5 Questions from Louisville Laughs.

Live comedy is finally back in Los Angeles. What is that like?

It is still a bit of a mystery as to what shows survived and are coming back. I’ve done a few spots in LA so far. A lot of shows have been selling out. People are really just so happy to go out again.

The audiences are actually excited to be there, which prior to the pandemic was not always the case in LA. Sometimes you’d just get people sitting with their arms crossed in the front row not wanting to laugh.

(Shout out to the late great Brody Stevens. … He was the best at making these folks crack.)

 Right now it feels more like NYC audiences in LA though. People who need and want to laugh and are happy to be there. (If you’re an LA audience member reading this, you’re amazing and always have been.)

Pamela Walt

You did some Zoom comedy shows during Covid. How was virtual comedy?

I sat out virtual shows at first and used the time in quarantine to connect with myself. I got bored of that quickly and eventually did Zoom shows.

Zoom was challenging as a lot of people had their cameras and sound off or they forget they didn’t and yelled at their partner and disrupted the show. A lot of awkwardness, especially with internet connections messing with timing. It’s not really the same energy as a live show.

I did like how it was more accessible and anyone in the world could attend. That part was incredible. I also liked that I could wear sweatpants. 

How long have you been in LA and what jobs have you held to support your comedy career?

I moved to LA right out of college, so either a long time or just yesterday depending on who you ask. I’ve lived there longer than I’ve done comedy and I’ve done comedy over a decade, and I better not say more in case anyone reading this is good at math.

I’ve worked a lot in TV, film and theater doing costume work over the years as well as the little odd jobs that come with living in LA.

There was one job I remember where I was sewing dresses for a lady on Craigslist for like $1.70 an hour.

Or the time I had to try to sell people shots of mixed drinks at a bar by the beach. Not whiskey shots. We’re talking like shots of White Russians and Margaritas. Nobody wanted that. Talk about having to try to win a crowd over. 

What’s your comedy horror story?

There are so many, it’s hard to choose. One show that always comes to mind though was doing a spot in a loud nightclub. They made the middle of the dance floor the “stage” (there was no stage) and the DJ didn’t stop playing.

Absolutely no one listened and people were dancing all around the comics. Everyone kept trying though as if it was normal. It felt like the myth of Sisyphus.

Also just being on the road and having to sleep in roach motels or comic’s basements. (Motels are sometimes safer.) There’s something sort of oddly romantic about all of that in a beat poet kind of way. Also though, I’d rather be in a Four Seasons. 

What is bringing you to Louisville? 

I have family here that I’m excited to see after this long year. I’m also looking forward to seeing what comedy is like in Louisville. And cicadas. (Addendum: I immediately regret wanting to see cicadas.) 

You can find Pamela on Twitter and Instagram

You can also check out her website.

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