Comics need to stop with these pet peeves

Standup comics are brilliant, wonderful and charming people for the most part. But some continue to do things that are pet peeves of mine and others. Just stop.

Not commiting to a stage name. If you want to go with the stage name of Ruben Sandwich The Comedian, that’s cool. But if you pick a stage name, make it distinctive or at least run with it.

If your real name is Bob Smith and your stage name is Jim, and you have no social media using Jim, what are you doing? Hiding from creditors? As a booker I prefer comics who draw people, not hide from them.

Asking for support. We all want support, but complaining that people don’t support you or that people should come out and support live comedy isn’t the way to go. You want people to come to the show BECAUSE THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE A GOOD TIME.

That’s the vibe you want to sell. Not that your cousin is obligated to sit through dozens of dick jokes.

Being dumb on social media. If you are making foolish choices on social media, that really makes me wonder what you might say live on stage. Think before you post. Delete is your friend. Stupid memes and Facebook fights are not.

Puzzling email names. So many times I get requests for stage time from an email like asking for a spot for Jon Doe. Why is the email different? Is your mom reaching out for you? Is this a stage name? Don’t be confusing.

Stop with all the murdering and crushing. Super. You had a good show. But when you boast on social media that everyone on the show killed, crushed and murdered, it makes me wonder if that’s really true and if there were any survivors (or audience members).

It’s OK to just have a great show. Do you see many people that do comedy for a living boast about crushing and killing?

Racial stereotype jokes. If you are not a member of that minority group and you are doing jokes about that minority group that just play on stereotypes, it better be a damn good joke. If you’re newer to comedy, I can assure you it’s not a damn good joke.

Uncool Randy won the Funniest Person In Louisville contest in large part because in the finals he started what seemed to be a racial stereotype joke then turned it completely around. The audience was relieved and delighted.

Have fun out there.

Author: Creig Ewing

Writer, comic, cubicle dweller. Louisville Laughs

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