What you need to get booked on comedy shows

You’ve done open mics, and you’re ready to reach out to get booked on comedy shows. You’re going to need a few things in addition to a funny 5 minutes. Make sure to have these when asking for stage time.

A decent photo of you. Preferably a head shot and promo shot. In color. In focus. Where you don’t look like someone who would scare audience members away. If you can’t invest a few minutes or couple bucks for a decent photo of yourself, why should somone give you 5 minutes on stage?

A video of you performing. If you are asking someone who has never seen you to give you stage time, assuring them that you are funny doesn’t fly. Send a video. Oh, and make sure the audience is laughing in the video.

A short bio. Bookers may ask for your bio to help promote the show. Have it handy. It can include something about you, your comedy, your experience, where you have performed. Listing people you have “opened” for does little for me. Keep it short.

A reasonable email address. If your stage name is Tostada The Comedian then tostada@gmail.com is a reasonable email. If your name is Bob Smith and your email address is HenryWilson@yahoo.com, it raises questions. If your stage name is Sam Jones and your email is BansheeWith3Dicks@aol.com, it raises even more questions.

A solid social media footprint. If I can’t find you on Facebook, TikTok or Instagram, I wonder if you are more interested in witness protection than performing in public. On the flip side, if you are active on social media and post primarily borrowed memes, political screeds or whiny content, people may not want to book you.

E-mail etiquette. I have received many emails from someone with an address like Hilarious69@gmail.com saying, “I’d like to be on your show. I’m very funny.” Don’t be Hilarious69. Include your name, a video, say what you are looking for – a guest spot or host spot or whatever. And some credentials, such as where your are from, where you have performed or who can vouch for you. Make sure the person you say vouches for you knows you are using their name.

Good luck!

Author: Creig Ewing

Writer, comic, cubicle dweller. Louisville Laughs

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