5 questions with comic Caitlin Peluffo, who will perform in Louisville this month

Caitlin Peluffo, the Lovable Loose Cannon, is a comedian from San Francisco currently living in Brooklyn, NY.

Caitlin has appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and at festivals and comedy clubs around the country.

Caitlin will be in Louisville this month, headlining at Planet of the Tapes on Friday, Jan. 28, and Saturday, Jan. 29, at 8 p.m. Tickets are available here.

She also will also being doing a shorter set at the Thursday Comedy Showcase from Louisville Laughs on Thursday, Jan. 27, at Aloft Louisville Downtown. Tickets are available here.

Caitlin took the time to answer 5 Questions from Louisville Laughs.

How did you earn the nickname The Lovable Loose Cannon?

I yell, a LOT.

Sometimes I go on rants, scream about the state of society or my student loans … it just depends. But I’m always smiling and enjoying myself. If you’re in the front row, beware because sometimes I’ll give ya a light roasting, but always in a loving way 😉

You went from studying performative video art in college to standup in New York City. How did that happen?

I loved Art School! It was like adult summer camp, but the work itself didn’t fit. I always felt out of place, cracking jokes, being a silly goose (not what the art world is known for).

I’d always wanted to try stand-up, but never had the guts. Luckily I moved to New York, comedy Mecca, for school and decided one day (after a particularly painful breakup) that I had nothing to lose so I just gave it a whirl, and bam! that shoe fit and I haven’t taken it off since.

You have several podcasts, including BEASTS! The Worst Sports Show, where you interview comics about their glory days in sports, and Good Time Gal with Caitlin Peluffo, where you interview comics about their worst alcohol-fueled decisions. Is it easier to find comics who were jocks or ones who made bad decisions?

Bad decisions … 100%. even the nerdy comics who got bullied in gym got hammered off wine coolers in a Staples Parking lot.

What is your comedy horror story?

I have 2.

I once had a jack and coke thrown on me by a VERY intoxicated Long Island housewife (I called her out for interrupting).

And another time, while on stage I got handed what appeared to be a wooden dildo, but was actually a cheese smoosher?

Honestly, I have no clue what that thing was, but it was just placed in my hand by some lady.

What is your comedy highlight?

Probably doing The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. My family flew out from California, and my best friends were backstage with me. I worked really hard on that set, and I somehow managed not to forget my jokes while the cameras were on.

It was a proud moment, and those don’t come around a lot in this business.

Check out Caitlin’s Website and follow her on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Author: Creig Ewing

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