NY comics McNeely, Gabel light up Aloft Louisville Downtown May 27

New York comics Terry McNeely and Adam Gabel are in the midst of a tour through six states that will bring them to the Aloft Louisville Downtown for one night on May 27.

Terry, a Long Island native, is a comedian and actor. He could easily earn the title “Crass Critic to the Suburban World.” His appearances include The Daily Show and CBS’ Blue Bloods.

Adam, a Brooklyn native, has performed all over New York and is quickly gaining attention in the New York comedy scene as “The guy with the voice and the hat.” He is often compared to Steven Wright and Mitch Hedberg.

Joining them at Aloft will be guest comic Ferris Delaney.

Tickets are $15 per person or $45 for a reserved table that seats up to four and are available here.

They recently teamed up to answer five questions from Creig Ewing of Louisville Laughs:

What’s the best thing about performing comedy in New York City?

Terry McNeely

Terry McNeely: “Ugh. You don’t want to ask me that question.”

Adam Gabel: “Audiences pay a lot of money so they want good comedy. Because of that the competition is fierce, and you have to get better if you want to get stage time. The environment forces you to be the best you can be. “

You’ve started a 20-show tour with Terry McNeely. What’s the key to surviving on the road on a six-state tour?

Adam Gabel

Adam: “Not doing seven states. You’ve got to know your limits. Always leave some meat on the bone for the next time.”

Terry: “As the driver, coffee. But also saving every penny you can: cashing in free hotel nights, using old gas cards, going to coin star and grocery shopping all save on expenses. And there’s always depending on the kindness of strangers.”

What’s your favorite place you’ve ever performed comedy?

Terry: “Virginia Beach Funny Bone. First of all it’s the Funny Bone, so there’s prestige in the name. But also the audience is 50% men and 50% women, which is the perfect ratio. Also there’s a lot of diversity, which I love, because if it’s a room full of all white people everyone just gets offended.”

Adam: “The Friar’s Club in New York City. It’s such a historic building, and they don’t do a ton of shows there so it’s not easy to get a spot. I actually had two dates cancel before I did a show. Plus it’s the only comedy venue that has a decent Corned Beef Sandwich.”

What is the weirdest place you’ve had a show and how did that go?

Adam: “Every show I do is weird.”

Terry: “It’s a tie. The first was a show on a farm outside of Scranton. The stage was a hay cart with pumpkins. Surprisingly one of the most fun shows I ever did.

“Another time I did a Block Party in someone’s driveway in Long Island — 15 kids under the age of 12 sat down Indian style right in front, so I had to throw my act.

“I wound up spending 20 minutes arguing the virtues of 70’s and 80’s cartoons over their favorite shows like Dora the Explorer.

“Our guys got blown up by Dynamite and it was fun. You had to learn Spanish.”

What can the audience expect to see from you guys on May 27 at the Aloft Louisville Downtown?

Adam: “First and foremost you’re going to get a good time. Terry and I travel all over the country honing our acts, so there’s something for everyone. I like silly stuff. My material sounds like it comes from the mind of a 4-year-old, mostly because I like to sound older than I am.”

Terry: “I’m going to give you unfiltered, opinionated diatribes on everything from cats and bad grammar to participation trophies.”

Adam Gabel

You can follow Terry McNeely on Twitter @Mac72Terry and on Facebook @TerryMcNeelyComedian 

Follow Adam Gabel on his website adamtellsjokes.com on Twitter @TheAdamGabel or on Instagram: @ajgabel.

Author: Creig Ewing

Writer, comic, cubicle dweller. Louisville Laughs

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