Lineups announced for Louisville vs. Lexington Comedy Battle

The lineups are out for the Louisville vs. Lexington Comedy Battle on Thursday, May 6 at the Aloft Louisville Downtown from Louisville Laughs.

In this popular comedy show, four comics from Louisville and four comics from Lexington do their best to make the crowd laugh, and the audience votes on which city is the funniest.

Tickets are $8 for general admission or $25 to reserve a table that seats up to four. Tickets are available at Red Pin Tix.

Seating is limited. Only three tables were available as of Monday, so get your tickets in advance and come out and enjoy a great show.

Round One

Louisville’s Hillary Boston vs. Lexington’s Ferris Delaney

Hillary Boston

Ferris Delaney

Round 2

Louisville’s Ryan Riker vs. Lexington’s Cathy Perkins

Ryan Riker

Cathy Perkins

Round 3

Louisville’s Jeff Toy vs. Lexington’s Mike Fields

Jeff Toy

Mike Fields

Round 4

Louisville’s Will McKenzie vs. Lexington’s Jeremiah Martin

Will McKenzie

Jeremiah Martin

One knowledgeable local comedy audience member predicts that Lexington will win and may even sweep all the matchups. So come out and support your city.

Also on the show will be host Creig Ewing of Louisville Laughs and veteran comic Mike Nilsson to entertain the crowd while the votes are tallied.

Mike Nilsson

Doors open at 7 p.m. Come early to the Aloft and enjoy a drink at the Corner bar and relax and shoot a game of pool in the comfortable lobby.

Author: Creig Ewing

Writer, comic, cubicle dweller. Louisville Laughs

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