5 Questions with Momics! comedian Katy Bevins

Katy Bevins is a Louisville-based Appalachian transplant who started comedy in 2009.

She is a married mother of two boys, employed full time and terrible at coming up with bios about herself. She enjoys gardening, managing high levels of anxiety, and regrets downloading TikTok.

She will be appearing on the Momics! show on Thursday, April 1 at Aloft Louisville Downtown. Tickets are $10 or $30 to reserve a table that seats up to four and are available here.

She agreed to answer five questions from Creig Ewing of Louisville Laughs.

How did you get your start doing comedy?

I started in 2009 after an acquaintance from high school suggested I go with him to do the open night at Comedy Off Broadway in Lexington. I killed it, and it unfortunately made me think they’d always go well, but I was hooked.

You have a lot going on. How does comedy fit in?

I juggle comedy and family by not spreading myself too thin. Comedy is a side hobby for me and not a career path. I decline shows that I can’t perform in. I want comedy to never feel like work.

I have “quit” comedy at least twice and both were related to being pregnant.

Were you able to perform much in the past year?

I haven’t been able to perform much. At the beginning of shutdown, I had a 4-year-old and a 7-month-old. Getting out and performing was too risky. If my husband or me were to get sick, there would be nobody to come help us.

My last show before the shutdown was on Leap Day 2020. I’ve performed twice since then.

Much of your humor comes from your life and family. How do you decide what to say on stage?

I don’t like to sit down and write things. It drives me insane. I will sometimes be thinking of something mundane and if there’s a morsel of a way to make it funny, I will sort of obsess over it until I can 100% make it funny.

I don’t usually write anything down until the day of the show, usually in the parking lot right before. Years ago I got an entire bit of how my husband doesn’t shut drawers.

The comics on Thursday’s show are all moms. What kind of humor can the audience expect?

 I think the audience can expect pandemic mom humor, non-pandemic humor, and of course the light hearted jabs at our partners and kids.

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