5 questions with comedian Melissa Doran

Melissa Doran is one of the most popular and successful comics in the Louisville scene. She will be headlining a comedy show March 18 at Aloft Louisville Downtown.

Melissa recently took the time to answer some questions from Creig Ewing.

What has it been like doing comedy during Covid?

Comedy during covid has been pretty much non-existent. Because shows are so few and far between for such long stretches of time it is a challenge to do well every time you get on stage. 

But it also reinvigorated me.

I realized how much I love this thing to do it and do so poorly again. I really connect with what you must go through when you perform Creig. 

You recently moved to Louisville. How’s that going?

I recently moved to Louisville with my now fiance after not living with a man for almost 14 years. I made sure we lived on the 11th floor so I always have an out.

I was living in southern Indiana before this so I feel like I’m basically living in the epicenter of culture and diversity. Comparatively. 

How would you describe your comedy?

Wow. These questions are super compelling. On that note I’d say my comedy is sarcastic. I try to be authentic but I also like the classic art of writing  jokes.

My favorite thing about stand-up is connecting with the audience. I like to feel like we’re hanging out, having a drink and forgetting our bullshit for a night. 

What jokes of yours do people remember best?

I do a Derby joke that is always very popular in Louisville for obvious reasons. I also slam on southern Indiana pretty hard, which Louisville also seems to like.

If you’ve ever been there that is also for obvious reasons. 

West End Pookie is also on the show March 18. What is her comedy like?

The times I’ve seen West End Pookie she’s always been clever and extremely authentic. She doesn’t hold back and her energy is electric.

She’ll make you laugh just with her presence. That’s the sign of a truly good comedian.

Tickets for the Thursday Comedy Night show from Louisville Laughs are $10 or $30 for a reserved table that seats up to four. Tickets are available here.

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