Featured comic: Dr. Peter Swanz

Peter Swanz is a Comic and Naturopathic Physician based in Southern Indiana, just across the river from Louisville and is a regular performer in the Louisville comedy community.

Dr. Peter Swanz

Peter also frequently writes and speaks about health topics regardless of whether or not people are interested in hearing about it. He loves to connect with and entertain an audience whenever possible, sharing medical knowloedge and goofy puns.

Peter will be performing on Thursday, March 4, at the Thursday Comedy Showcase at Aloft Louisville Downtown. Admission is free, but reserving tickets is recommended to ensure safe spacing. Tickets are available here.

Here are some jokes Peter shared:

“A fight broke out on a train in the UK after hooligans kept placing bagels on travelers’ heads.

Turns out the passengers were gluten intolerant.”

Dr. Peter Swanz

“An American Man was the first to solo across Antarctica unaided.

If he wanted to feel frozen and perpetually alone, he could have just married my ex-wife.”

Dr. Peter Swanz

“There’s a kickstarted campaign to buy Jerry Garcia’s former San Francisco estate.

So far they’ve raised more than a dozen tie-dyed bandanas and a half-eaten grilled cheese sandwich.”

Dr. Peter Swanz

You can find Peter on YouTube and subscribe to his comedy channel. Here is Peter hosting at The Caravan Louisville comedy club.

You can also find Peter on Twitter discussing doctor stuff .

Author: Creig Ewing

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