Kentucky vs. Louisville fans

I used to work in the sports department at the Louisville Courier-Journal. That was a challenge. People in Kentucky are crazy about college sports.

I would take calls from readers all the time.

UofL fans might ask, “Why didn’t you have anything on the Cards on the sports front today?”

I’d say something like, “It’s a slow time for UofL, and we try to give the writer a day off. We have a story coming tomorrow.”

They think they have you then.

“You had a story on UK on the front. I guess your UK writer doesn’t get the day off.”

But I was ready.

“Well, UK won the basketball championship last night. So …”

Their response was always the same.

“Y’all should just move to Lexington!”


UofL fans are hard on their smartphones.

UK fans are just as unreasonable, though.

They think everything UK does is more important than mouth breathing.

They only thing they like better than a UK victory is a UofL scandal.

So they have been really happy lately, actually.

A UK fan might call and complain that UK’s victory against Winthrop got a smaller photo than UofL’s victory over Duke.

When you explain that the UofL-Duke game was a better matchup, they get mad.

“Y’all should just move to Louisville.”



Author: Creig Ewing

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